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What we do

Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) is a ground based technique to measure the position and dimension of objects in the three dimensional space.
The technology is used in various applications such Architectural, Geological, Geotechnical & Minning, Civil, Transport, Industrial, Heritage, Entertainment, ...

TLS Commonly deliverables:
• 2D plans & Elevations
• 3D CAD / TIN as built models
• Model prepared to BIM integration
• Digital terrain/surface models
• Deformation analysis reports
• Clash & Clearance reports
• As Built – As Designed Comparisons
• Quality control & Inspection reports
• Fly Trough Point Cloud Animations

Hi-Detailed Scanning

With metrology-grade 3D scanners we provide accurate scans with hi-detailed resolution. The technology is used in various applications such Scan to CAD, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing, Tooling design, Inspection, Maintenance Repair & Overhaul.

Commonly deliverables:
• Highly accurate 2D plans & 3D CAD or TIN models
• Quality control & Inspection reports
• Ready to REE & Replications 3D models
• Fully textured Hi/Lo Poly 3D models

Aerial UAV Solutions

With Unmanned Aerial Vehicles we shots and measure hard to reach surfaces (Landfills, Mining areas, Dumps, Quarries, Riverbeds,...)

UAV Commonly deliverables:
• UAV - Aerial Video & Stills
• UAV - Digital Photogrammetry (DEM, Volume Calculations, Topographic Surveys, Site plans, Hydraulic models,...)
• UAV – Thermography


We offer a service of advanced data processing till the final – turnkey project execution.

The input data are usually Laser scanner PointClouds, Photos, 2D Plans, Hand – Technical drawings,…
With a team of experts we process data in various applications:
• PointCloud Filtration & Registration
• Model Noise Elimination & Polygon Reduction
• Point Cloud to 2D CAD drawings
• Point Cloud to 3D TIN / CAD / BIM
• Photos to 3D models (Photogrammetry)
• Spatial analysis
• Digital terrain/surface models
• Video production
• 3D model optimization

Scan To BIM integration

We provide a professional Scan-to-BIM 3D modelling service, utilising the latest technology to convert point cloud and solid model data into sophisticated 3D BIM platforms.
Scan to BIM integration services for complete AEC solutions:
• Architectural BIM
• Plant BIM
• Construction BIM

Visualization | Interactive

We provide 3D visualization of products, characters, landscapes on stills, amimations & interactive media:
• Fly Trough Visualization
• Interaction with surrounding objects
• Complete 3D environment
• Photorealistic graphics
• Dynamic flora (active natural occurrences, like wind)
• Dynamic lighting and shadows
• Objects/characters animation
• Control by various input devices
• Video support inside the visualization
• Video tracking & Compositing (virtual objects inside the realistic video)


• For complex small scale features prototyping we use 3D print technology.

• For large scale features replication we use CNC Milling center.


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